Audi A5 2017, so it will be your new interior

The test centre Audi close to the Nürburgring race track has been the stage where our photographers have discovered the Audi A5 2017. This has allowed to see on the way to the German track, and on this occasion we have been able to discover almost the complete how to will be its interior completely renovated.


The A5 will look like in its interior, the A4, and will start by means of button

Audi has always presented interiors are minimalist, nothing too crowded and well presented. His new generation of vehicles goes one step further in this policy design, something that we could already check in older units such as the Audi TT, or more recently in the Audi A4 2016. And it is the latter that we have to take into consideration once more.

The Audi A5 is part of the structure of the A4 to end up being a coupe, although there is also the version Sportback. They both look like both in the exterior and in the interior, where we see as typical elements of the house, as the fixed display of the dashboard, the buttons and simplified the air-conditioning and the centre tunnel with not too many buttons.

This makes us see that the A5 2017 will feature the same technology as its brother sedan. The A4 we were surprised with a renewal which, if not remarkable for its exterior changes, yes it does in everything pertaining to the technology. Many novel elements will form part of the A5 when it will be released to the end of next year or early 2017.


The exterior changes are focused on the front, which changes almost completely

On the outside little by little we are seeing final details, such as the two marked ribbing to the hood, headlights, front and rear of new design, and the bumper with new design. However there are elements that remain valid, such as the grille Singleframe typical of Audi, which in this case will increase its size. Details that we could check the first time we saw it.