Audi A6 2018: the German brand prepares for the renewal of his saloon large


The new Audi A6 goes out on a walk.

This unit evidence of the new Audi A6 was the traveling companion of the prototype of the Lamborghini Urus that you showed several times last week. These are the first images of the new A6, which looks completely camouflaged but we already have some of their updates installed.

The exemplary wears the camouflage usual German brand, a coating of vinyl-framed psychedelic curves that tries to divert the attention of their shapes and volumes. The camouflage also extends to the optical, that are partially hidden, but we can see already new ways.

As is usual in sedans of the mark, has the same schema general aesthetic. Great grill Singleframe hexagonal, now more flat and even without their chrome frame, new front lights and horizontal air intakes lateral in the lower ends of the bumper.


Grille of greater size.

Although it may seem a lie, the Audi continue to expand the size of the front grille, its sign of identity more clear. Although the new headlights straight seem to decrease in size, the style of the rest of the sedans in the catalog of the firm of Ingoldstadt, but this unit still does not find the optical definitive, but a provisional.

The line of the hood has also changed, so that it seems that we are in the final workpiece, as are the exterior mirrors, which appear installed in a lower position.

we have Not been able to get pictures of your rear area, however our photographers were also large differences in the behind, as a new line of LEDs that could unite the optical rear.


it will Arrive in 2018 with a large technical upgrade.

The development of the new Audi A6 will continue for a while more, since we do not expect before 2018. Its launch will come prepared surely with a great technical update, aimed at fighting against its two main rivals in the segment, the Mercedes E Class and BMW 5-Series, both newly updated.

it Is expected that follow, maintaining the same options body, berlina , and familial variants, the Avant classic and Allroad.