Audi A8 L: 6.4 metres, six doors and six seats, only to order

Audi developed this limousine of 6.4 m length to order for a european customer. It has six doors, three rows of seats and six seats and used a TFSI engine 3.0 out of 310 HP.

Audi A8 LNor is a series-production model, at least for now. Is that it new Audi A8 L, an extended version of the flagship of the German brand was developed at the request of a european customer, with a body of 6,36 m of length.

Audi A8 L a distance between axes of 4.22 meters, that is 1,09 meters more than in the A8 production. For its development, Audi made use of Aluminum, using a design from indian, the limousine German uses a design of Audi Space Frame. With the aim of maintaining a harmonious proportions, all the bodywork has been redesigned from the A-pillar back.

Audi A8 LTo strengthen the structure, Audi resorted to a few profiled tubes of aluminum in the area of the roof, addition of a new reinforcement in the rear area, with the purpose of increasing the torsion rigidity. His aesthetic is complete with the addition of a glass panel of 2.40 meters above the roof and the small side lights that are mandatory in this type of vehicle.

In the interior, is where the Audi A8 extended signal capabilities, and can accommodate six people in its three rows of seats. In aesthetic terms the upholstery is made in leather Walloon extra soft, finished in beige velvet.

The second and third row of seats with individual places, that can be adjusted in the form of electrical and in the third row is hosting a screen of the system of information and entertainment, and a refrigerator.

Under the hood the Audi A8 L uses a TFSI engine of 3.0 liters displacement, which produces 310 HP and 440 Nm of torque, associated to a system of all-wheel drive Quattro and a change Tiptronic 8 gears. With this mechanical assembly, the A8 L can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 7.1 seconds and reach a maximum speed imitated electronically to 250 km/h.

Audi A8 L