Audi A8 L extended: what the hell’s going on with this Audi A8 of three doors?

Audi presents a new Audi A8, a version “L” of even greater proportions. No, not the one you’ll find in your dealer Audi usual, it’s about a special request, whose price has not been announced, which, under the name of Audi A8 L extended proposes an authentic limousine worthy of any president.

This version is over a metre higher than the Audi A8 “normal”:

This version a length of 6.36 meters and a distance between axes of 4.22 meters, and it has taken nearly a year of development and construction by technicians of the brand.

The new constitution of this Audi A8 has involved the increase of the side beams and the centre tunnel, using aluminum extruded, as well as the introduction of reinforcements in the roof, also developed in aluminium. The German firm mentioned that, despite the increased proportions of this version a torsional rigidity close to the model Audi A8 L “normal”.

Wearing a dark blue tone, this version features three pairs of doors, introducing in addition a glass ceiling of 2.4 metres.

In its interior surprised find that the squares in the middle have been oriented also in the direction of travel, instead of wearing a rear seat facing each other. Yes, both the middle row and the post-look bucket seats with electrical regulation, counting in the case of the third row with the lure of a screen or a fridge.

audi_a8_L_extended_DM_2016_4audi_a8_L_extended_DM_2016_3Mechanically this version has the engine 3.0 TFSI with an output of 310 hp, suendo its maximum torque of 440 Nm. It is able to dial a 0 to 100 km/h in 7.1 seconds, and its celocidad maximum is 250 km/h, leaving your transmission in the hands of the gearbox triptronic and counting with the all-wheel drive quattro.

in Addition to braking the whole, which has seen its weight increased up to the 2.418 kg, Audi has resorted to the same endowment of brakes than the Audi S8.


Gallery of images of the Audi A8 L Extended: