Audi AI: driving autonomous is almost here, and not comes alone

In recent times we are seeing incredible advances in the technology of the driving autonomous. Companies such as Waymo or Tesla are proving far can you go in the automation of the vehicles. Now it is the turn of the system Audi AI, abbreviations that mean Artificial Intelligence, with which Audi wants to prove that in addition to knowing how to make good cars, you can also keep up with the pace in this technological race.

The plans of Audi for its future cars is that they are electric, self-contained and fully connected. However, shortly we will be able to see part of these integrated technologies in the new Audi A8. With your new Audi AI traffic jam pilot, reach level 3 driving autonomous, that is to say, the driver only has to be attentive to retake control when requested.

To achieve this level of automation, the Audi A8, and future models of the brand with the four rings will have large amount of cameras, sensors and lasers able to detect everything that crosses his path. The data received through these systems are processed by the central unit of control of the driving assistance, which is literally a computer able to react quickly to complex situations and even to anticipate situations of risk.

This central unit, integrates several chips of high processing power as the super electric car EVE Concept of NIO. In its interior there are among others a Tegra K1 of NVIDIA, a Cyclon V of Alters and a processor, EyeQ3 of Mobileye, the global leader in the processing of images for the car.

The technologies Audi AI of the future

The future cars of Audi, and presumably of other brands of the Volkswagen group, will also have a technology called Car-to-X (already nascent in the A8). Thanks to her, the car may connect with a central system and coordinate with other vehicles with the same technology. So you will avoid traffic jams and other problems. Associated with this system will be the On-Street Parking, which will seek to park thanks to the information received by other cars with technology Car-to-X.

Another project of the German brand is the Audi Fit Driver, with the Audi AI, learn the habits of the occupants, monitor your health, and will establish a communication with them in order to facilitate the day-to-day. All this is thanks to some add-ons like the ones already used in smartphones as the bracelets fitness or clocks smart, which will be connected to the car.

finally, the Time-to-Green Audi AI will be able to warn the driver if the next light is green or how much time is left for you to get in this color. In this way you can anticipate when you take control of the car in the city and thus reduce the consumption by lifting the foot from the accelerator.

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