Audi, along with Porsche, it will develop a new platform for EV

If a few days ago confirmábamos that Porsche was going to to double investment in technology related to electric vehicles, today, we must tell you that in order to carry out part of your development will count with the help of a partner. Audi is the partner that will support the signing of Stuttgart to carry out this development, as despite the fact that the Volkswagen Group will put on the table several thousands of millions of euros to do so, they optimize the most of every penny invested.

For this reason, the two luxury brands main of the German consortium (Bentley and Lamborghini) to carry out the development of a new platform for electric vehicles. This new base, according to has communicated the CEO of Audi, Rupert Stadler, should be completed by the year 2025 and to do so will be provided with a financial support of up to a billion to eur.

to carry out the necessary work, will be Audi who take the initiative and not Porsche as originally planned. Both firms have arrived at this agreement after verifying that the expenditure on development increased by 30 per cent if they worked separately. This fact has been known by the volume of staff that they needed to hire, where 300 developers went to Porsche and 550 for Audi. Now, with the unification of the project is to be carried out with half the staff, that is to say, some 400 engineers and half of the money.

reported the General Director of Porsche, Oliver Blume, and Stadler, from the year 2021 should be operational this new basis, on which is assembled from a number of models of each signature. In the case of an Audi are provided for two sedans and two SUVs that could be assembled in plants in Ingolstadt and based in neckarsulm, both located in Germany. In the case of Porsche there’s confirmed to be a model yet, but if Leipzig (also in Germany), the plant where it will be assembled along with the current Macan.

This new base is the second in which they are working Audi and Porsche, for the past year, announced the two companies that were already working on an architecture called EPP Platform (Premium Power). In addition, Porsche has already advanced the order made by the Volkswagen Group on a new platform called SPE for vehicles supercars that will be used, in addition to it, Audi and Lamborghini.

Source – Automotive News

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