Audi America says goodbye to four of its engineers for the Dieselgate

Prueba Audi Q2

The Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group continues on its course in the united States. The German conglomerate continues to be investigated by the commission which shall rule on responsibilities and tell you definitively whether what they did was premeditated or not. However, while all of this happens, within the group will continue to refine responsibilities by the dismissal of some of their engineers.

As has been communicated by a representative of Audi in the united States the signing of the four rings would have decided to dismiss four of their engineers. These professionals were directly related to the design and development of their diesel engines. The reason for his dismissal would have been originated by have ceased to perform their functions and therefore the dismissal would have been considered cutting discipline.

Prueba Audi Q2

Of the four engineers dismissed have only disclosed two names. On the one hand, the former head of Audi development Ulrich Weiss and the Handelsblatt or better known as Giovanni P. The name of his two companions has not been disclosed and as has informed the representative of Audi not have thought to make them public.

however these layoffs squeak a lot because are people who have declared some kind of information on the brand since the scandal of the emissions be made public. In the case of Handelsblatt, he already admitted that he knew of the development and use of this type of software and that the firm also knew. The case of the other three fired is still unknown, since we do not know if at some point they have positioned themselves against the German conglomerate.

whatever until the case Dieselgate be resolved still will continue the layoffs in the bosom of the Volkswagen Group. To finish, although everything is resolved in a legal manner, the intrigues among the officers of the group (assumed legal responsible of everything that happens in the company) and the engineers in charge of product development (brains materials of their development and operation) will continue to damaging to the German conglomerate for several more years.

Source – Audi