Audi and BMW are already preparing their rivals to the Tesla Model 3


The Model 3 will be incorporated very soon to the range.

the arrival of The new Model 3 is imminent. The deadlines announced by the company, in just a couple of months the first customers will start receiving their units. Although these will initially be the employees of the brand itself and SpaceX, another of the enterprises of Elon Musk. After this, Tesla will begin deliveries to end customers outside the company.

Although the opposite of the Model S and Model X, that were not direct rivals after its launch, the Model 3 and yes you will have to face serious opponents in the market. On the one hand the Chevrolet Bolt EV is already available since a few months ago, and on the other, the large German manufacturers are planning to give due response to the Model 3.

None of the companies has been confirmed officially, but be certain the last reports published in the media, british and american, Audi and BMW would be already developing their respective rivals for the Model 3 Tesla.


unlike its siblings, the Model 3 itself will rival nothing more to get.

In the case of Audi, which is already finalizing the details for the arrival of the e-tron quattro, the new model would be based on the new platform MEB of Volkswagen and would have a size somewhat larger than the current A3 sedan. This would be an autonomy of around 300 miles (482 kms) and a ceiling of power at around 300 horses.

In the case of BMW, the signing of the Munich would be already preparing for what the publication Coach points to as a new Series 4 GT electric, which would have a range of around 500 kilometres and the possibility of having an engine or two, in this latter case, with the motors on both axles and all-wheel drive. Although Coach also points out that this new 4 Series GT will also be available with combustion engines and hybrid version.

In both cases, the launch would be planned for the year 2019, possibly as a model 2020. Their price ranges would be somewhat higher than that of the Model 3 basic, but its performance and range of autonomy is also what will be, without forgetting their membership to a premium brand, which in all markets continues to be an important factor.