Audi becomes the batteries! This e-tron quattro is the anticipation of a new anti-Tesla Q6


We come ahead of this event for months. Audi has officially confirmed that in 2018 launched a completely new product, one SUV generously sized – between Q5 and Q7 – can only be marketed with an electric engine . Though we have dubbed Audi Q6 – or Q6 Audi e-tron – the new model has not yet officially named. What we can come forward is a fact: their autonomy will exceed 500 kilometers with a full recharge. In other words, Audi wants to offer a solid alternative to electric Tesla, a technological product, premium, and with sufficient autonomy to travel in and out of the city limits.

electrifying Battle! 500 km of electric range for the anti-Tesla Audi

And what you see in these images, or rather, official sketches, is a foretaste of the prototype that accurately define the appearance of the final product to arrive in dealerships in just over two years. A prototype under the name Audi e-tron quattro concept will be presented in a few weeks at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2015.

As can already be seen in these sketches, and we told Audi, this prototype will be defined under an aesthetic very influenced by the aerodynamic improvement . Audi presents a technique as Aerosthetics. That means that this prototype will have many active aerodynamic elements, as the spoiler, the spokes of their wheels, and rear diffuser. There will also be dispensed with lower fairings and exterior mirrors, which will be replaced by cameras. Its drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.25 will help to maximize the autonomy and reach those 500 kilometers advertise Ingolstadt.


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The batteries are installed under the floor of the carrier , between the axles, to reduce the center of gravity and balanced weight distribution.

audi-e-tron-quattro-concept-frankfurt-2015-03 A board can also be seen which should enjoy a very technological environment , dominated by a perfectly placed separately driving the passenger seat by a large center console.


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also enjoy systems very advanced and fully integrated entertainment surfaces of the dashboard , including screens for climate control with whimsical designs and curves, thanks to technology OLED .

not go very far. In the coming days I will talk at length about this Audi e-tron quattro concept.

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electrifying Battle! 500 km of electric range for the anti-Tesla Audi

The Audi Q6 is already real: the BMW X6 Audi will have an electric version to compete with the Tesla Model X

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