Audi changes its plan in the competition: goodbye WEC, hello Formula E

Audi Le Mans 2015The German company Audi has announced just a few hours, at the end of the year, will complete the World Championship of Endurance, the WEC. This also includes the abandonment of the mark to the legendary career of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, where it has achieved a total of 13 victories during the past 18 years, earning with models whose technology was subsequently used in street vehicles such as the TFSI engine, being the pioneer in beat with a diesel engine (2006) and with a hybrid drive system (2012).

Audi modifies its strategy in the competition, and is that will leave the WEC to the end of the season, but shall enter fully into the Formula E, the category that many refer to as the Formula 1 of the future, in the next year and 2017. The main peculiarity of the Formula E is that the cars are vehicles purely electric, so that the company of the four rings gather a lot of information, techniques, and procedures to develop their street vehicles.

Audi SportThis movement, in addition to helping to develop future electric vehicles for the street, represents a change in the brand image for Audi to opt for the competition purely electric. The scandal of the pollutant emissions of the Volkswagen group, and its TDI engines has splashed all the companies that make up that group. It is for this reason that have completely changed their strategy for the future and plan to launch several efficient vehicles, and fully electric medium-term, starting this journey in 2018.

Formula E is raising a lot of excitement and, as the years pass and they arrive well-known brands, you will earn even more. On the other hand, the German brand will remain active in the DTM during the next season. In this competition, nor will anything bad currently and, despite the fact that no pilot has been done with the title of Champion in the last three years, October has been crowned as Champion and Constructors Champion Teams.

we will Always doubt whether the scandal Volkswagen has been “forced” to Audi to take this alternative, leaving a championship, the WEC, in which he has reaped so many successes in recent years.