Audi confirmed the development of the future A9 eléctrico


Audi Prologue concept of 2014.

Has been the visible head of Audi, Rupert Stadler, who has confirmed to the media the development of the new Audi A9, a new saloon electric sports positioned on the current range A8 and that would be in liza directly with the Model S of Tesla Motors.

Without official designation for the moment, the media have already dubbed as the future A9 e-tron and would be based on the platform of the next crossover Q6 e-tron, the new SUV electric brand from Ingolstadt that was advance in the form of the e-tron quattro concept that was presented at the last Frankfurt show in 2015.

During these past several years, we have awaited the arrival of this new sports sedan, advanced in part by the Prologue concept, whose images illustrate this article, but the desire of the brand to make this the flagship technology of the range had delayed the project, as they were even barajados different segments. Now confirmed, we already know that the new A9 e-tron will be a luxury saloon with tints sports that will be the new platform modular longitudinal aluminium of the German mark, and the devices and functionalities driving autonomous debut the next year the new Audi A8.


Introduced in 2014, this model was intended to advance the future design language of the firm.

In this aspect, the new A8 will feature up to three levels of automation, but the A9 will bring new systems that will be the first Audi to have up to four levels.

If we look at the technical specifications of the e-tron quattro concept newly introduced, this mounted to three electric motors, two on the rear axle and one on the front, with ample space to house the batteries in the center of the chassis. For this prototype, Audi announced a power of 435 HP in Drive mode, and, grew up to about 503 HP when you activate the Sport mode. While the autonomy was encrypted in more than 500 kilometres, so we can expect a similar performance in the new A9 electrical.

According to the makers of the brand, the torque is distributed between the four wheels intelligently, being in the rear axle doled out on an individual basis, in each of the wheels. The transmission will have two modes, Drive and Sport.


The new A9 e-tron will feature three electric motors 500 HP and 800 Nm of torque.

The batteries will be similar to those used in the e-tron quattro concept, of 95 kWh-cooled liquid technology to recharge without cable and system of automatic parking, which will put the vehicle on the platform to recharge.