Audi creates a replica of the silver arrow through 3D printing

Audi use 3D printing to create a replica at a scale of 1:2 of the Auto Union Type C from 1936. The silver arrow stays faithful to the original to half its actual scale.

Auto Union Typ C (Réplica impresión 3D) udi Toolmaking has developed a replica on a reduced scale of the Auto Union Typ C through the use of a printer in three dimensions. The car has been built to a scale of 1: 2 and it was created by the application of laser technology selective-sintering, using a metal powder that has a grain size of 15 to 40 thousandths of a millimeter, which is approximately equivalent to half the diameter of a human hair.

Silver Arrow remains faithful to the original thanks to this new and flexible technology, which allows the production of parts of complex geometry, which are difficult to produce with conventional methods. Audi indicates that it is components of 3D printing made out of steel and aluminum, which have a length of up to 240 mm and a maximum height of up to 200 millimeters. In addition, ensure that these 3D pieces benefit from a higher density in comparison with components manufactured by molding or casting.

The Volkswagen Group currently has 14 units of 3D printing distributed in nine countries, at the same time we are establishing partnerships with other companies to achieve better research and development in this field, being the highest priority the implementation of the 3D printing with metal components and 3D printing in the method of sand-printing.

This Auto Union Typ C 1936 has been created in its entirety with the method of 3D printing that uses metallic particles and that it fairly and aim Volkswagen: power to bring this technique to vehicles of serial production, something which for the moment is still far away.

Author: Adrian

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