Audi creates a virtual reality environment to build cars as if it were a video game

Incredibly, the cars you see on the street, and even those impressive prototypes so futuristic that occur in many auto shows, are still being molded in clay, in so-called clay model . Even with the most advanced tools, process design and engineering of a car still requires the use of ancient techniques like this. But technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality, 3D printing, and control through gestures, intended to completely revolutionize the development of automobiles . Audi is already working in a virtual three-dimensional environment in which workers can assemble parts using 3D glasses, motion detector on his arm, and a recognition similar to the Xbox Kinect video game images.

This room projectors used, and infrared cameras and 3D glasses and a band on his forearm that workers wear.

The idea of ​​ Cave Automatic Virtual Environment (CAVE) , a room whose surfaces – walls and floors – images are projected in three dimensions, is to facilitate the work of designers and engineers, placing virtually pieces with his own hands.

To work with this system simply using three-dimensional glasses, a camera with image recognition and motion recognition band on his forearm.


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The engineers and designers install pieces with his own hands in a three-dimensional environment that saves time and costs in the development of new cars.

The band Myo recognizes the movement, and sends it to a central computer via Bluetooth. The movements of the operator are also analyzed with pinpoint accuracy using infrared cameras installed in this room.

These movements are interpreted as actions on the virtual model shown on the floor and walls of this room by means of projectors. A virtual model that takes shape in three dimensions, thanks to the technology of wearing goggles on his head workers.

According to Audi, this technology is in a testing phase, and time is a preliminary prototype. In any case, Audi says that in a few years longer be designing cars using these techniques, which will complement studies using computer tools type design CAD .

Source: Audi
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