Audi debuts in Europe the service Audi on demand


The service is only operating in Munich at the moment.

The German firm debuts officially the mobility service Audi on demand in Europe, which allows the user to Audi to get to a point and choose a vehicle from the brand to continue its route. This service is already active in the Munich airport, so that the passenger, user of the trade mark system German, you can reach and continue your journey in one of the vehicles present there.

This system is part of the latest programs from Audi, they claim to offer a complete solution to mobility and connectivity to their customers. In this case, the client you will find a fleet of vehicles equipped with exclusive features, according to the company, “from coupes customized to a experience of high-performance”.

This system operates through a smartphone application for exclusive, and can book any model of the brand of the rings from his mobile terminal and pick up the vehicle at your destination, on this occasion, the point myAudi Sphere that is located at the terminal of Munich.


The customer chooses a model Audi and only has to pick it up.

for practical purposes, the system operates as a vehicle rental service as standard, although and in this case the service is billed by the hour and with no limit of mileage.

This system began to be used with success in the spring of 2015 in San Francisco, the united States, according to the German brand, the response from customers is extremely positive.

Audi on demand is another of the exclusive services of the offer of
mobility of the firm and is complemented with Audi select, which allows to
users to choose between different models for a fee with all
included; Audi at home, a mobility solution for residents of
large cities; and Audi shared fleet, a service of fleets.