Audi dominated the premium market in China in 2017

Audi Q5

China became the first market for the Audi Q5 during the past year 2017.

The premium market continues to wage his particular battle in China to see who is undisputed as the great, dominant. During the past year, Audi has emerged as the main dominator in front of its main competitors. Yes, the firm of Ingolstadt surpassed by few sales to their rival more direct. Audi led by in front of BMW Group and Daimler car sales premium in the asian giant.

In particular, during the past year 2017 sales of Audi reached the 597.866 units, which translates into a growth 1.1% with respect to the data in 2016 and a historic record for the brand in this market. They had never before sold so much in China. In addition, they can also boast that the Audi A6L was the premium car more sold in that country during the past year.

In second place is BMW Group, which has registrations of BMW and MINI. A total of 594.388 units, which translates into a rise of 15%. The difference with Audi is just 3.478 vehicles. Both contenders are almost on par. And in third place we have Daimler, that is to say, Mercedes-Benz and Smart. Both brands accumulated a total sales of 587.868 vehicles, what comes to be a growth of 26% year-on-year 2016.

Audi Q3

sales of cars in China, Audi grew by 1.1% in the past year, with a total of 597.866 units sold.

If we pay attention to the data of sales of cars in China during the past month of December, we see that Audi came back to take the lead in enrollment with a rise of 34% and 69.160 units. The second place went to BMW Group with an increase of 19%, and 52.026 copies delivered. The third step of the podium was again for Daimler with growth of only 12% and 48.140 vehicles.

In these sales data, it should be noted that Audi last year was hampered in part by the boycott of the dealers because the company plans to open a second distribution channel in China. Finally, the brand of the four rings tossed out this idea in may, which allowed a quick return to normalcy.

Another of the keys that leave us with the data of sales of cars in China Audi in 2017 is that this asian country became the first market for the Audi Q5. Remember also that soon the brand will introduce a version of battle extended, the Audi Q5L. These were the three models of Audi most popular in China: the A6L, Q5 and A4L.

For its part, among the BMW models sold in the market during the previous year include the new 5-Series or the recently arrived BMW 1-Series Sedan. And in the case of Mercedes-Benz, it is inevitable not to make special mention of the good performance that had the class C, and Class E. In particular, the latter increased its demand remarkable for the Mercedes E-Class battle extended.