Audi e-tron Sportback Concept: preview of the new SUV coupé electric Ingoldstadt


New Audi e-tron Sportback Concept.

The VAG group has deployed an entire offensive of electrical models for the Hall of Shanghai, in addition to the new Volkswagen I. D. Crozz Concept and the Skoda Vision And Concept, was also presented the new Audi e-tron Sportback Concept, a model for the time being conceptual, but that gives us an insight of a future model of calle real.

This happens to be the variant coupé of the e-tron quattro concept presented at the iaa in Frankfurt 2015, a model that we anticipated the future SUV electric of the German company and that it will come in its definite format in 2018. This will be followed a year later, a variant of the coupé, which is the model that advances this new prototype presented in Shanghai.

The technical section is similar to the e-tron quattro concept, 2015, so that the most striking thing is the particular aesthetic that shows this show-car, that comes with a design very ground breaking with the strict and rigid design philosophy of the brand, loaded in addition to details, like the hundreds of LEDs used in the model.


New design language of the brand.

in Addition to optical full LED, both in front and behind, we find ourselves with a few 250 diodes additional in the front grille, which shows a novel reading of the traditional grille Singleframe that they have all the models of the brand. A detail very curious is that the emblem of the rings is also light, in the front zone emits white light and rear red light.

The silhouette is that of a SUV coupé, with a front volumes with conventional but with a rear fastback, very marked in this case. The body is very muscular and is criss-crossed by very very marked, as the own steps of the wheels or in the area of the sills. However what most attracts our attention is the front, because in spite of having the shapes of the grille Singleframe, this vanishes in favor of a black piece that takes up the entire front, but respects the gap and the lines typical of the grill.

The pilots are very radical, before we found two minor lines, LED one of the optical smaller views never before in an Audi, while at the back we find the new trend of the brand, a very thin line of end-to-end abutted on the side with a arrow-shaped.


technical Scheme is already known.

Its size is not exactly small, with 4.9 metres in length and 1.98 in width, has a height of 1.53 meters, so that in vivo you must be very squashed and width.

The mechanical outline is already known, in the centre we find the lithium batteries, located between the axes, and on these are placed the electric motors. In the case of the e-tron Sportback Concept we found 1 motor in the front axle and two on the rear. The total power output is 435 HP, although it has a boost function that will allows to reach for a few moments the 503 HP. So that you can reach 100 km/h in just 4.5 seconds. In terms of its autonomy, is able to reach 500 miles under the new cycle NEDC.

The firm German has already confirmed their step to production in 2019, however has not revealed any information of the factory where it will be done, so we assume that will be next to the future SUV electric Q6, which will be assembled in the plant of the brand in Brussels.