Audi enters into an agreement with FCA and acquires the names Q2 and Q4


Rupert Stadler, CEO of Audi, has stated at the Detroit motor show that has already been solved the problem that I had with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles on the denominations Q2 and Q4. The italians have agreed to assign those names to Audi, although it has not been free.

last year we talked to you about this topic. Alfa Romeo has been using the names Q2 and Q4 for their models with front-wheel drive with limited-slip and traction total. Maserati currently uses the name Q4 in for Ghibli and Quattroporte.

Audi has free reign to name its upcoming SUV the Q1 to Q9, without jumps. To change, FCA takes at least a trade name registered by the VAG Group. Rupert Stadler has not indicated what, has only been confirmed that he has been an exchange.

If we look at the past from Audi, there are some words in Italian that might be interesting for FCA. We discarded for obvious reasons quattro (“four” in Italian), but some prototypes have used names as Nuvolari or Avantissimo.