Audi eROT is already here: the revolutionary shock absorber that recovers energy and reduces consumption

electrification is a way taken by the manufacturers that have only one sense, go further. For this reason, it is so that today Audi presents the design of shock absorber electromechanical eROT, a new way of understanding the whole of the suspension, to provide a new level of comfort and an interesting possibility to recover energy and to reduce the consumption of our car. But how will we get to see the eROT in our future car?


At the end of last year my partner David Villarreal and I spoke to the Audi eROT to know him in a Workshop about solutions for the future of Audi. The system, which at that time was in an early phase of development, is presented today as a complete solution ready to go to production taking advantage of the introduction of the architectures 48-volt views already in models like the Audi SQ7 or the Bentley Bentayga.

Audi eROT is a rethinking of the idea of a shock absorber, replacing the classic vertical body by a movable arm horizontal that absorbs the irregularities of the ground and transformed into electrical energy. the vertical movement of the wheel is absorbed by a rod which rotates in a body under a magnetic field adjustable. This design achieves that the shock may alter its hardness to the absorption of movements, in the same way that allows you to transform the kinetic energy into electrical energy.

With the eROT is removed the shock absorber and the spring, requiring a minimum of space and offering an instant response

The system is capable of achieving peak power values up to 613 watts in terms of firm very irregular, but what is important is that this energy recovery allows reducing the consumption of fuel up to 0.7 l/100 Km and also gets a minimum impact in terms of space.

audi-erot-48v-2016-003This new suspension is ready to step into production, although so far Audi has not confirmed models or dates. With the launch of the system, eROT, Audi would add a third system based on a electrical installation of 48 volts by following the steps of the electric compressor and the stabilizer active views in the Audi SQ7. The proliferation of the facilities of 48 volts will be unstoppable, being very close to the time in which the classic 12-volt systems pass on to a better life.

Source: Audi