Audi eROT, so is the new system of shock absorbers electro-mechanical

Audi eROT amortiguadores electromecánicosAudi wants to revolutionize the automobile industry and one of the main aspects that is working is the electrical energy. Some time ago we saw with the launch of the Audi SQ7 TDI the incorporation for the first time from a turbo-electric. Equally amazing is its new technology that receives the name of Audi eROT. it Is about shock absorbers rotary electromechanical and serve to to improve the comfort and save fuel.

doAnd how they want to get? The irregularities of the terrain, bumps or curves induce kinetic energy in the car. With shock absorbers hydraulic telescopic current such energy is lost in form of heat. With the new shock absorbers from Audi might give use to that energy through the electrical system 48 volts we saw in the SQ7. In addition to this, it will also allow for new adjustment options for the suspension.

Audi SQ7 TDI

The Audi SQ7 TDI incorporates a power system of 48 volts

The Audi eROT works as a suspension, adaptive with active control, so that it changes depending on the terrain. The main advantage is that does not depend on the displacements of extension and compression that limited the shock traditional. Another of its virtues is that save physical space. The new electric motors are located horizontally on the rear axle and allow a trunk bigger than the telescopic shock absorbers that go in vertical.

Returning to the energy recovery, the Audi eROT is responsible for absorbing the irregularities, and the electrical system 48 volts in to transform them into energy. Media could recover to 150 watts, although they have been to get 613 watts in testing. When over bumpy terrain, the more electricity will be generated. Even if it is only a prototype, their findings promise, and could in future production models. Could link to models-hybrid, in which it is estimated that it could have a fuel saving of up to 0.7 l/100km.

Source – Audi