Audi FitDriver: Audi wants their customers to be the most healthy

The rise of wearables has led to all child neighbor use 24 hours a day, watches that are able to analyze our level of activity, or even our beats, something that’s only used occasionally, almost always for the practice of aerobic exercise. In view of the novelties presented in CES, everything points to that very soon we will use clothes able to keep track of our health, and scales connected in the cloud to monitor each morning our weight changes, and even thermometers based on infrared. What would happen if all these technologies applied to a car? In Ingolstadt have already defined their strategy to unite the health and driving, and is called Audi FitDriver.

Audi will collect the driver information, such as your heart rate, your temperature, or the rhythm of your breathing, thanks to different sensors and wearables used for this.

Under the slogan “My Audi cares for me”, the German brand is already working on systems that will be the Audi new generation in a personal assistant, to improve our physical condition and our health.

For this purpose it will be necessary to collect information of the vital signs of the driver. Audi ensures that, on the one hand, take advantage of the wearables to use their drivers, wristbands, and sports watches, to obtain information such as heart rate, or body temperature. This information will be complemented with another that will get the style of riding, your breathing, and the conditions of the traffic, or the weather, to identify patterns that denoted an increase in stress, or fatigue.


  • Our Audi will offer a driving experience custom. Activate the massage seat if you’re stressed out, or even call an ambulance if we suffer a collapse.

    Audi FitDriver will be able to gather all the information and send it to the cloud, a data center that will allow us to analyze it from external devices, such as computers and tablets. But that definitely is not the most interesting.

    What is interesting is that, on the basis of the information gathered, our Audi will be able to adapt to our state, to offer a driving experience optimum, relax, or avoid situations of danger if we find ourselves fatigued. Our Audi may decide, or propose, a massage taking advantage of this feature of the seats, a certain setting of the air-conditioning, small changes in the illumination of courtesy, connect the computer sound, or even make a call. If our car playing the role that we are tired, we recommend to make a stop on the way. This latest technology is already there, certainly, but is based on parameters much more simple, as well as the movements of the steering wheel performed by the driver.

    In the last instance, and if the situation has been complicated too, Audi FitDriver would be able to stop our car and call the emergency services, for example to respond to a collapse of the driver, or a heart attack.

    Source: Audi
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