Audi gets the names Q2 and Q4 after agreeing with FCA

Alfa Romeo 147 Q2

Alfa Romeo 147 Q2

it Seems that Audi didn’t conceive of the future of their range of models without names Q2 and Q4. But there was a problem, that these appellations were the property of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and did not seem very willing to get rid of them at any price. Finally, both manufacturers have reached an agreement and the German brand will be able to use both names to continue to extend its range SUV.

Because Audi has made it clear that their crossovers have that continue to carry the ‘Q’ as a distinctive mark. Until now, the German manufacturer had all of the denominations from Q1 to Q9 with the exception of Q2 and Q4 that were used by FCA. you will Now have a free to use them, after a deal in which there has been no money to be made, but what seems to be an exchange of denominations.

Q4there Has been enough secrecy around this covenant, but it appears that FCA may use in the future any of the names that currently owns Audi, although you’ll have to wait to see what exactly. Some of the words in Italian that have the germans are Nuvolari or Bora, both with some relationship with Alfa Romeo. Even though they are only rumours and could also be used for other that interested to the american Chrysler and Dodge.

on the other hand, the terms Q2 and Q4 had been used in Alfa Romeo for models with front-wheel drive with limited-slip and awd, respectively. So were for example the Alfa Romeo 147 Q2 or the GT Q2; and the Alfa Romeo 159 Q4 and Crosswagon Q4 In Maserati also has used the Q4 for the Ghibli and Quattroporte traction integral.

At Audi, the concept will change completely and will go to completing the range SUV. The Audi Q2 is expected to be a future compact crossover which will use the MQB platform of the VAG Group and the range of engines of the Audi A1. For its part, the Audi Q4 seems to be the variant coupé of the future Q3. Of course there is nothing confirmed, and only time will tell how they end up used those names

Source – Autoblog