Audi h-tron Quattro Concept, a vehicle of the future, semi-autonomous and hydrogen


The Audi h-tron Quattro Concept breaks into the Hall of Detroit

This is the Audi h-tron Quattro Concept, this is the last prototype presented unveiled by the germans in the Hall of Detroit. It is a milestone in the technology of hydrogen fuel cell allowing a large vehicle to push that you can go through up to 600 km with a single refuelling of about four minutes of duration.

600 km of autonomy without emissions

Its appearance reminds us of the prototype Audi e-tron Quattro Concept, his brother of the electric drive, with which it shares most of its exterior design and the platform modular longitudinal new generation MLB evo.

however, the h-tron has the advantage that it can travel 100 km extra with respect to the prototype power with the same time as refuelling a conventional vehicle. Although both share your mobility 100% zero-emission vehicle powered by hydrogen only expel water vapor.


There are three deposits of hydrogen that do not affect its interior space

The Audi h-tron Quattro Concept equipped with the fifth generation of the fuel cell technology in the VAG Group. Lightweight materials for its construction that allow reduce weight in order to increase autonomy and performance, three tanks of hydrogen that maintain the fuel at a pressure of 700 bars, two electric motors and lithium ion batteries comprising the above-mentioned system.

For the efficiency also contribute to a heat pump for the climate control and a large solar panel on the roof that, according to Audi, is capable of providing an autonomy equivalent to 1,000 km a year.

Each electric motor is coupled to a shaft other than, one of 90 kW (120 HP) in front and another 140 kW (188 HP) behind it, which means that it has all-wheel drive Quattro electronics. The traction is a smart use of both engines depending on each situation so that it optimizes energy consumption and allows you to travel greater distances.


OLED Technology both inside and outside the vehicle

The prototype accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 7 seconds and has a maximum speed electronically limited to 200 km/h. When both engines work together to provide a maximum torque of 550 Nm. There are also chassis with suspension adaptive and the wheels of 22 inches.

New technologies that we will see in the upcoming Audi A8

In its endowment of technology we find technologies for the driving semi-autonomous and the system of automatic parking that we will see in the next generation of the Audi A8. Change we will find beacons of technology Matrix Laser in the front lighting and OLED in the behind, eye-catching items that also pose a plus to the security.

we will See more OLED technology in if inside since the box instruments digital Virtual cockpit makes use of a screen of the OLED curve and you will find in the rear a tablet of Audi with OLED technology for the control of entertainment system. Nor do we forget the touch surfaces of the flywheel and the extensive connectivity features offered by the 4G (LTE).


A cabin designed for four occupants