Audi has a new supercar electric in the spotlight

For those who do not know, Audi has already produced a super sports car, electric, without, perhaps, all the success they expected. It was the R8-etron, a vehicle purely electric produced from 2012 to 2014 and had 380 HP, 50 less than the base version of the R8 gasoline.

economic Reasons, due to the cost of producing it, lead to the end of the production of this supercar German. So only produced 100 units and its price was 1 million euros, for the base model.

Is now, in 2017, when the electric cars are in the mouth of all, when Audi would be in the spotlight, and on the artboard, a new R8 e-tron. This would come powered thanks, in part, to the recent records achieved in the German circuit of Nordschleife, as the Nio EP9, which gives a certain prestige to the marks; and to the electric sports or hybrids of rival brands, such as the BMW i8 or the Tesla Model S.

The successor of the R8 e-tron could have 800 volts, which would imply an increase in the electricity bill. So insinuated Peter Mertens, head of Development for Audi, the possibilities of a new supercar German:

“you Can assume that, at some point, we will have a supercar electric. The question is if I would arrive soon. The answer is yes, of course. Part of our plan. I can say that for a brand like Audi, a supercar is always interesting. Without a doubt, form part of a segment in which we have been “playing” with the “players” outstanding” said Peter Mertens.

Without doubt, the opportunity to see a new R8 e-tron is there, like to see variants of hybrid or electric versions of the S or RS brand of the four rings. In the end, would not be more than the slogan of the brand “At the forefront of technology.”

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