Audi is fashionable in the DTM


The DTM crossed the equator at the Moscow Raceway and the lives a summer break very sweet to the interests of Audi Sport. The firm from Ingolstadt has been positioned as the rival to beat when you have played 10 of the 18 races of the championship, to such an extent that Audi leads all the classifications of the contest. Mattias Ekström is the front of the table of drivers with a point advantage over René Rast. The Team Rosberg in command of the team classification with a wide margin over the Team ABT Sportsline, a structure which also belongs to Audi. Finally, the brand has an 80-point advantage over Mercedes in the general manufacturers.

The good make of Audi is reflected perfectly in the drivers ‘ classification. Mattias Ekström with 113 points, René Rast with 112 and Jamie Green with 99 units give the brand of the four rings have three contenders to the title, while Mercedes only resists with Lucas Auer (99 points) and BMW hurries up your options with Maxime Martin (78 points). However, udi has won four of the ten races and although these victories have been spread between René Rast and Jamie Green, the Swedish Ekström has pulled on a regular basis to be a leader. It is clear with his four podiums and with the fact that they have scored in nine of the ten races.

The fact of being the brand with the most wins and accumulate up to ten podiums explain the position of Audi in the other classifications. However, only Loïc Duval and Nico Müller still have not stepped on the podium in the heart of the brand of Ingolstadt. The result of the success of René Rast and Jamie Green, Audi Sport Team Rosberg leads the table of teams with 199 points, by 149 which total between Mattias Ekström and Nico Müller. The Team BWT Mercedes is in the third place. Finally, in the classification of manufacturers Audi boasts of 421 points, 341 Mercedes and the 308 BMW.