Audi is ready to create a LMP1 moved with hydrogen


In the ongoing synergies between the racing and production cars, it can be said that Audi Sport has managed to transfer the technology successfully e-tron to the WEC and his iconic 24 Hours of Le Mans. The successes and victories are the best letter of presentation of the proposal of the German firm with a mechanism composed by a diesel engine and an electrical system and accessory. However, on the Audi look more far and on the mark are convinced have the technology to build a LMP1 h-tron powered by hydrogen fuel cell.

Stefan Knirsch, Technical Director of Audi, believes that a LMP1 based on the technology ‘fuel-cell’ hydrogen is possible, until such a point to say that if the brand wanted to show its capabilities in the Le Mans could do it as also slipped a BMW with the rumors of his presence in the ‘Garage 56’. However, the difficult introduction of an equitable system between the propellers of the hydrogen, gasoline and diesel engines along with the complex electrical systems of time prevents the regulation on the bases. In this aspect, udi Sport not working on this project, but have made it clear that you can see in the future.

In terms closest to you, Audi Sport has almost ruled out having a third LMP1 in the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 2017, thus maintaining the measures of budgetary control imposed in the sports programs of the Volkswagen Group. In this aspect, and except for last minute changes, you can almost take it for granted that Audi Sport will keep a team of two LMP1 along all appointments in the WEC, including the iconic quote in The Sarthe. So I confirm my own Dr. Wolfgang Ullrich, which also slid that Audi has under consideration other technologies.