Audi Mesarthim F-Tron Quattro: driven by the power of nuclear fusion

Audi Mesarthim F-Tron Quattro Concept

this is the vision of the future of the motor car according to the car designer Grigory Gorin.

In almost all discussions on the future of the world without fossil fuels always hear talk about the different virtues and advantages, which will mean the nuclear fusion. A process by which multiple atomic nuclei of similar load together and form a heavier nucleus. Simultaneously releases or absorbs a huge amount of energy, which allows matter to enter a plasma state.

Now, leaving aside the technical details, we all know that with a small amount of “fuel”, the nuclear fusion allows the release of huge amounts of energy. In the coming decades, this process of liberation of energy will be perfected and just need a few power plants fusion power, to provide power to large tracts of land.

But, what the moment will come when that man can master nuclear fusion to carry the car industry? So you think the car designer Grigory Gorin, who has unveiled an interesting prototype that shows us your vision of the future of the automobile. A future in which man has been able to dominate and control the nuclear fusion to make use of such energy in the automotive sector. Audi Mesarthim F-Tron Quattro Concept, so it is called this prototype.

Audi Mesarthim F-Tron Quattro Concept

The Audi Mesarthim F-Tron Quattro is a prototype that would use the energy produced by nuclear fusion.

incidentally, it is interesting to note that the name “Mesarthim” refers to one of the stars that make up the constellation of Aries. Obviously, we are dealing with a conceptual idea, although in its design, Gorin has taken into account all the details to create a model that, in its entrails, hides a sophisticated (and complicated) system of propulsion.

Just in the central area of the Audi Mesarthim F-Tron Quattro has installed a nuclear fusion reactor as well as a few jets of plasma. Around them, there is a system for the generation of steam using the heat from the reactor to spin a turbine connected to a generator. This generator will be in charge of loading the batteries installed in the area in front and on both sides.

As is logical, the battery will be providing power to the electric motors. Another important detail is the so-called chassis monocoque “Solid Cage” created through a process of 3D printing using materials, light and resistant. We must also take into account other systems such as the control chassis, the “MDHS,” or the system “Magnetic Hydro-Dynamic“.

Audi Mesarthim F-Tron Quattro Concept

The front of the Audi Mesarthim F-tron Quattro, the details.

I’m very Much afraid that, whatever the future of the automobile, we will not get to see vehicles of these characteristics. Is more, if I had to bet, it is clear that you would do for cars mechanical electrical conventional and the fact of getting to see a supercar powered by a nuclear fusion reactor will be more in a dream of science fiction a reality.

And you, what do you think the design of the Audi Mesarthim F-Tron Quattro? The truth is that it gives an air to a version more refined and sports of the Batmobile.