Audi opens its first production plant in Mexico

Audi Q5 2017In the recently opened Paris motor show, one of the most important innovations in terms of production models presented was the new Audi Q5, the new generation of the SUV of average size of the German firm. This novelty was discovered last Thursday, while on Friday, the brand inaugurated its first production plant in Mexico, where it will produce the new model.

Audi boasts historic milestone and being the first manufacturer in the Premium with a few production facilities in the south american country. The automobile company he shall divide the Audi Q5 around the world from the new factory production of Mexico, located in San José Chiapa, in Puebla state. The production capacity is approximately 150,000 units the year.

Audi Q5 2017“With this plant we set a location key for the export of our vehicles to customers worldwide,” said Rupert Stadler, President of the Board of management of AUDI AG. In any case, the company of the four rings says that its new production plant located in Mexico has been created with a equipment and techniques very technological and modern, performing a design that allows an efficient logistics with the products. In addition, also is clean with the nature as says the brand will not generate wastewater and would reduce the consumption of water, gas and light.

The investment by Audi in this new factory, its first in North America, has surpassed the 1,000 million euros. In addition to producing 150,000 units a year, will give work some 4,200 people, having hired more than 3,000 employees. 750 of them have been in Germany, conducting courses of training, although in total (counting the ones done in Mexico) have already been given some 5,300 courses of training.

The Audi Q5 which is manufactured in Mexico will also be taking place in the plants of China and India to these two local markets.

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