Audi prepares a city independent of the size of a VW Up!

Audi prepares for its first model for the segment, driven by an electric propulsion system and equipped with the technology driving autonomous. Reach the market in 2021.

LGerman firm confirmed recently that his driving technology autonomous will be a reality by the year 2021 and now a recent report says Audi will use this technology to give life to a production vehicle the size of a Volkswagen Up!.

The department of Intelligence of Driving Autonomously, the division that is responsible for the development of technology-autonomous within the Volkswagen Group, is working to achieve apply this technology in vehicles of urban use. According to the information that VAG has provided in recent form, the standardization of driving autonomously for their vehicles will take place before 2020.

it Is an electric vehicle similar to the VW e-Up, but equipped with the technology driving autonomous, which will initially be produced in a limited series, that is to say that in the first stage there will be a sort of ‘exploration’ and then produce it in volumes larger.

at the moment there is no official information about this new model of Audi that could take the denomination A0 or A2, but it is believed that it would be based on the next-generation Volkswagen Up! and it will be the smaller version ever produced by Audi and your first model within the segment To.