Audi prepares a hard rival all-electric for the BMW i8

Audi TT Sporback Concept

Audi TT Sporback Concept

Audi is expected to launch to the market nothing more and nothing less than three new electric vehicles by 2020. The mobility of the future is the electrification and the various manufacturers must be transformed, little by little, the prototypes developed in recent years, in production models. The German firm will launch a vehicle type-SUV, a sports model and an urban vehicle.

has stated the same Rupert Stadler, the CEO of the company, in a recent statement published by Auto Express. But the thing that most attracts the attention is that Audi is after an electric sports. Stadler stated that “there will be a very emotional way”. This leads us to consider that the brand of the four rings could be developing a sporty-electric rival to the BMW i8, a model which, by the way, you should already be preparing its second generation.

The BMW i8 has been a success for the manufacturer. Not by its volume of sales, which of course already sensed that I was not going to be very high, but by the good response of the market to a car as striking aesthetically, ecological and sports. We think that Audi may be behind it to create something similar to, although its aesthetic is not as similar to that of a supercar like the i8, but more like that of a coupé (as could be the Audi TT.

on the other hand, is expected to a SUV electric and a third car of small dimensions focused for use in the city. Stadler stated that, although SUV’s are not cars ideal for electrification because of its worse aerodynamic drag, to the customers of today love to this type of vehicles and this has been done. This will be the first of the three electrical in reach while the last will be the urban, which will be based on the electrical platform MEB.

Source – Auto Express

Audi TT
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