Audi promises that the OLED lighting coming soon (and we like)


Audi has just announce that in the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show in September, we present their new lighting systems Matrix OLED . Unlike headlight LED and laser systems designed not talk about to improve your visibility, but to facilitate you’re seen, that is, for the lighting of your car pilots. For now, we will see a prototype, but this technology is ready to land in production models – and will do so soon – so its arrival at dealerships is imminent. And before you continue to say that we love, especially so when will improve the design of the new generation of cars that are coming.

BMW M will produce a “near future” OLED lights

What is Matrix OLED ? One of the obsessions of manufacturers, especially designers, has been to create drivers who offer a homogeneous lighting. That is, flee the dot matrix drivers LED conventional, to advocate for a fully illuminated surface. It is not necessary to use technology OLED , but a very interesting solution.

OLED means Organic Light Emitting Diode, ie a LED organic . A unit OLED is based on two electrodes, one of which must be transparent, incorporating lower sheets (in the order of a thousandth of a millimeter) of organic semiconductor materials. Only 3 or 4 volts for a layer is activated and lights.


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Pilots OLED are thinner, lighter and offer a much more visually appealing and even illumination.

The illumination of an entire layer, not a LED is achieved that the entire area covered by that layer is illuminated evenly , without creating shadows, or require optics for reflect light. This allows you to design more compact groups of drivers, and in the light background. They are also able to offer a good thermal performance , that is, not as hot as an incandescent light source or LED conventional, and do not need additional cooling.

By relying on a design composed of layers, the Matrix OLED Audi system will facilitate monitoring of the levels of brightness and light, and color. So we can attend the arrival of taillights progressive illumination , for example to offer a more intuitive display, and visual, of what happens thanks to variations in lighting signaling transfer or braking, which will be those that benefit most from this technology. It is also an especially versatile when it comes to playing with different colors, or even create taillights whimsical forms that reinforce brand image and make it more distinguishable to each system.

know that BMW is also working on light OLED , and that his release is, as in the case of Audi, imminent. Who will win in this case the technological battle, and the point of being the first to launch a product in street?

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BMW M will produce a “near future” OLED lights

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