Audi Q2: the new small crossover, “Nissan Juke” of Audi, will arrive in 2016 (and will not be called Q1)

it Seems that until the last moment the name of the new crossover Audi has been on the air. The rumor about a small todocamino, below the Audi Q3, and under the name Audi Q2, began years ago, to become official news in 2013. This year Audi announced the launch of the Audi Q1 in 2016. Would be expected at the Geneva motor show to get to the dealers over the coming year. But the last official word on that, confirmed this week, is that the small crossover German will arrive at dealers finally under the designation Audi Q2, which is the one that initially wanted to Audi for its new SUV. why is so much improvisation at the time of deciding the name for this new model?

Although this year would have officially announced its launch as the Audi Q1, the new small crossover from Ingolstadt will finally arrive in 2016 under the name Audi Q2.

apparently Audi had to face the problem of the trademarks, and the coincidence of two emblems, a priori important for the growth of the range SUV of the of Ingolstadt, that would be Q2 and Q4, with the differential to the front and central of Alfa Romeo. It is not clear if the discussion came to a good port, through the mediation of lawyers, although this year we came information that pointed to the fact that Alfa Romeo would not have accepted an agreement by which Audi could use the emblems Q2 and Q4.


This image illustrates the Audi TT offroad concept, the prototype that would anticipate a hypothetical Audi Q4.

Finally, Audi has announced the launch next year of the new Audi Q2. So that will be the final name of a model that had initially been announced as the Audi Q1, which will share many details with the utility of the house, the Audi A1.

In any case, this new Audi Q2 will enjoy a size closer to those of an Audi A3, and will take advantage of the new platform MQB of the Volkswagen Group. The Audi Q2 will be produced in the factory in Ingolstadt, which has already begun a process of expansion to accommodate the increased production that will be required for this model.

in Spite of the problems that has caused the scandal of the TDI uncovered this year, it seems that the investment from Audi are going to suffer dramatically. Of time, a good part of the investment in the renewal of products will be designed to provide a range SUV more competitive. The coming year will also be a new generation of the Audi Q5. What of time do not know is what will happen with the name Audi Q4, which a priori is speculated that could be used for a SUV coupe styling and compact dimensions, more focused on the fight with the BMW X4 and Mercedes GLC Coupe, amortized to the extent possible, the commercial growth in a niche on the rise, and a segment of fashion.

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