Audi Q4 2019: this is the render of the rival of the BMW X2

SUV Coupe. Without a doubt, a strange mix when this type of todocaminos came to market with the BMW X6 back in 2008. Now, nine years after that, several brands have not been able to resist to produce their own model, from Bentley to Audi, going with attempts of Ferrari or Rolls Royce. Who was going to say years ago.

The fashion of the SUV is more valid than ever. And that is if you have a beautiful design and a good mechanical, the more likely it is that that model is a best seller. Audi, which has not yet manufactured any SUV Coupe, I would be looking to do so with the hypothetical new Audi Q4.

Q4, could come the next year accompanying his brother more power, the Audi Q8. With these two models, so only thing missing is a direct rival to the BMW X6 and the X4, because all the other segments of the range Q-Audi would be covered.

The Audi Q4 would be developed in the MQB platform, that I would share with the Q3, and manufactured in the same facilities, and that the latter, in Györ, Hungary. Taking into account that it is a render, the back is clearly inspired by the Audi TT, and the front drink a lot of the latest design line of the range Q of the brand from Ingolstadt.

If finally, this new model comes to light, would be available for 2019, and it would be a great scourge to the Land Rover Range Rover Evoque and the BMW X2. Everyone knows the prestige that the brand has on issues of awd, and it is very possible that the new Q4 has front-wheel drive and Quattro, which would gain even more prestige compared to its rivals.

there is No doubt that all brands are taking share of the SUV, and Audi with this new model adds to the cart the todocaminos coupe. While, before 2020 will present even more models, both hybrid, electric and combustion, and perhaps even a direct rival of the BMW X6…What Audi Q6? Who knows.

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