Audi Q8 2018: gone are the mules of tests, a first look at a prototype

In just a few days starting the Auto show
Detroit 2017, the first major appointment automobile of this brand new year
and that Audi will show the audience an interesting scoop. The Audi Q8 Concept. Few days ago we published some sketches revealed by the brand
mode of payment. It will be a concept to preview mode of the expected Audi Q8.

Audi Q8 2018 - foto espía

Photo spy Audi Q8 2018, the new SUV that is working with the German firm.

a long time Ago that we managed to take the glove to a mule test of the Audi Q8, however, what today we show goes a step beyond. Our photographers spy have been able to hunt in full session of tests on a prototype of Audi Q8 2018. In the past several months the brand of the four hoops has been very cautious at the time of “take of walk” units of evidence, however, on this occasion, we have been able to take the glove.

These new spy photos have been taken in the north of Europe, more specifically in the region of Scandinavia. Taking advantage of the hard european winter, Audi puts the limit the new Q8 to check what is its behavior when faced snow-covered roads and withstand harsh conditions due to low temperatures. It is a further step in the development of this new SUV.

Although the photographs have been taken from a considerable distance and may appear to be a model quite compact for what you might expect, the new Audi Q8 2018 will be very wide and high. So when you have it “face to face” will call the attention by its dimensions. The Q8 Concept that we will see in a few days in Detroit, will feature a design that will transmit an image of futuristic, urban, strong and tough.

Audi Q8 2018 - foto espía

despite the camouflage, we can see the drop ceiling in the new Audi Q8 2018.

this was confirmed by Marc Lichte, Chief Designer of Audi, therefore, many of the concepts and elements of design will transfer to the production version of Q8. You’ll also get a line and drop ceiling feature of this model. Just pay attention to the photo spying on the that is shown to us in detail, despite the fact that the prototype is heavily camouflaged.

Going to the (mechanical Audi Q8 2018, we anticipate that it will have a range of gasoline and diesel engines, both V6 as V8. Some of the V8 engines will be developed jointly by Audi and Porsche. In addition, the note of “ecological” and “electrified” of the range will make the hybrid variant plug-in, which provides a certain degree of autonomy in the mode of purely electrical.

¿When it will come to the market? The launch of the new Audi Q8 will take place in 2018, and although it is not confirmed, its implementation over can take place in any of the lounges of the most important car that will be organized in the latter part of this year. We will closely follow their development to try to photograph it more closely and discovering new details of the same.