Audi Q8 confirmed to 2019 and will be the largest of their SUV


Audi and designs that will be the biggest of his family SUV. This is the Audi Q8 , a model that will adopt a format coupe style with the stylistic features of the prototype Prologue Concept .


Audi-Q8 E he market moves inexorably towards what the public demand nowadays and SUV and occupy much of the product range most brands, which are gradually filling the most diverse niches such vehicles.

The biggest SUV Audi already taking shape. It hit the market in 2019.

Audi is slowly trying to meet public demand , which apparently requires a product of these characteristics even larger than the already huge Q7 . That is why the German manufacturer has already announced it is working on developing so-called Audi Q8 which will hit the market by 2019.

This was said by the head of research and development from the house of the four rings Ulrich Hackenberg , who said that the future Audi Q8 will be based on the platform of Q7 and adopt an appearance with coupe format, inspired aesthetically in the Prologue Concept Audi prototype type.

While more to meet the huge SUV of the German mark will have to wait until 2019, next year will hit the market Audi Q1, which will the smallest SUV Family Audi.

Hackenberg further indicated that the Q8 is a product designed to attract buyers China, United States and Middle East .





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