Audi QS7 by ABT, look at it well because it does not leave you indifferent

ABT has its headquarters in Kempten, Germany, and your job is to take any model from the Volkswagen Group and raise it to the maximum capacity possible, both aesthetically and mechanically speaking. In this occasion I present the last of their creations, the Audi QS7, which receives major changes.


go to the side who pass this Audi Q7 touch up kit will not leave anyone indifferent

the first Thing that attracts attention is the outside. Taking as a basis a Audi Q7 conventional, the guys from ABT is responsible to remove or edit anything that they deem unnecessary or a little eye-catching. The result is quite elegant, although overflows that sporty character with just putting the eye on top.

I must say that this package is aesthetic only affects the outside, so that the cabin still presented the same design, the same materials and the same technology. Therefore, we continue to tell with that style Audi on the inside, but with the way you see things ABT on the outside. Gills, fins, exhausts, tires, applique…many details in the end.

Where we also find changes is in the mechanical part. The preparers have caught the two powerful versions of the range, the diesel three-liter, 272 HP, and the TFSI petrol three-litre, 333-horsepower. In both cases, we have made tweaks to the engine and to the ecu, so that both are able to show more power.


The impressive wheels of exclusive design have a size of 20 or 22-inch

diesel grows up to 325 HP, an increase of 53 HP. And for its part the gasoline is now up to 410 HP, that is to say that we found 77 horses more under the hood. In the two engines has also increased the torque, coming in at 600 and 440 Nm, respectively. Thanks to these improvements, the Q7 earns the acronym S. Sport clear.