Audi Quattro Concept, Paris 2010

Audi has just introduced at the Paris Motor Show its “Quattro Concept” in connection with celebration of 30 anniversary of the debut of the original model . As with the 1980 model, is animated by a turbocharged five-cylinder propeller.


prototype V8 engine replaced by a block RS5 2.5 turbo five-cylinder and a manual six relationships with four drive wheels mounted on aluminum rims 20 inches. The new engine delivers 408 hp with a maximum torque of 480 Nm. Audi says its mass flow ratio is equal as an R8 5.2 FSI (weighs only 1300 kg) and announces a consumption very content (8.5 liters per 100 kilometers).

The low weight and high power help you goes from 0-100 km / h in under four seconds . It has an independent suspension arms made of aluminum. The braking system consists of carbon / ceramic discs with calipers.

Starting from RS5 designers signature German decreased 15 cm wheelbase (2.6 meters at present) and the drop ceiling 40 mm to reduce weight. The official dimensions are:. 4.28 m long, 1.86 m wide and 1.33 m high

In order to get a total weight does not exceed 1,300 pounds (200 kilograms less than TT RS), Audi used in the manufacture large volumes of aluminum and carbon fiber . The latter is mainly used for aerodynamic elements. In addition, designers have dispensed with the rear seats to continue saving kilograms.

The spectacular and beautiful stand in front headlamps with LED technology (which they placed in the rear) with beam Direction light, also a wide opening grille topped by the four rings brand appears.

Interior is sober and minimalist. The seats offer good support and only weighs 18 kilos each (40% less than normal one) and come with harnesses with three or four anchor points. The driver access all information car via a digital dashboard with two possible configurations, a normal (showing speed, revolutions and information MMI) and other sports (representing the original box of the Audi Quattro 1980). The sound can be connected via Smartphone Internet and play a station broadcasting network.

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