Audi R8 2015, the five major differences with its predecessor

The Audi R8 2015 represents, like its predecessor, the pinnacle sport of the German brand. While other models can come close in power, none of them transmits with the same concept and fierceness. However the new will always be compared to its predecessor, so it’s time to determine what changes are the most important in this new generation.


you look where you look at the new R8 is a creature very beautiful


The first generation of the R8 we met the June 1, 2006. On that occasion it was adapted to a design philosophy that we could see on any Audi, although of course with a character and a race much more wild. The current met at the beginning of the year, and once more translates the concept of the current design of the brand, although once more in a format that is more fierce, and why not say it, more beautiful.

is Not that it is saying that the R8 past was not pretty, it was, but this is a little bit more. A front slightly higher, although sharper, comes together in a huge front grille. On the side hardly varies the design, so only we see as the strip of carbon fiber is now starting, and that the door handles are integrated into the bodywork.

The R8 is a magnet of glances. Very exclusive, very expensive, and very wild to be a weirdo

In the back is where possibly the changes will be minor, although that does not mean that has not. Headlights, bumper, spoiler and diffuser, all new, although with that style that clearly evokes its predecessor. By the way in this case, I’m sticking with tails escape of the R8 original, I seemed so much more wild than the current, but neither are bad.

Here you can see the difference between the R8 new, and its predecessor


a Lot have changed cars in just 10 years. A world separates the drives of the first half of the decade to now. The R8 is a good example of that evolution, of that development as we all know Audi is one of the best to portray the change: “at the forefront of technology.”

The R8 2015 is not only a sport, but now it is also highly technological. Are integrated in it systems of the latest generation assists the driving and especially the Audi Virtual Cockpit. A how hard that will not only impress anyone who sits in front of it, but is also practical and fairly intuitive. What has been said, a collection of the best technology of Audi, is inserted into a dramatic scenario.


The evolution of technology not only has become apparent in terms of on-board systems is concerned, or as to the amount of screens that are integrated. This is also evident in its manufacture. years Ago, the use of carbon fiber was extremely expensive and complicated. Today the evolution industrial has allowed ever more cars should have this material as light as resistant, including the Audi R8.


This is the view from the pilot’s seat of the R8

In terms of materials, not only carbon is present, but also the aluminum. Both are the main components of the structure of the R8 with a weight of just 200 kg. From here other ultra-light materials like magnesium are added to the party. The change will not only allow you to be more agile and lighter, but also more efficient.

Change and engine

To that great and lightened structure, as I mentioned above, adds a more powerful engine and a change much more wild. Starting with the heart of this beast, I must say that Audi, unlike other rivals, has returned to bet on the kw, 10-cylinder in V, and the 5.2-liter displacement. However, thanks to certain tweaks, many of them electronic, the new R8 is capable of improving the figure of power of its predecessor by 40 horses, and being 0.6 seconds faster in the 0 to 100 Km/h.

to change, once more confident in the dual-clutch seven-speed to transfer all that power to the asphalt. However, on this occasion, each event, each change has been modified to be more effective. A gearbox that ben could be compared to dr. Jekyll and mr. Hyde. Soft and comfortable to use, quiet, but wild, really wild in a sporty driving. A surprise that is not very far from the always excellent box PDK from Porsche.


pure Sportiness. We’re not going to fool you, the old R8 and the new R8 have the same idea: running. However it does not translate to the asphalt in the same way in this generation than in the previous one. The old man was civilized, but a bit complex and tough for the day-to-day. The new it is not, it is comfortable, it is more practical and has a better ability of ordinary use. Although no single change in this aspect.

The R8 is kind, fixes many errors that you commit, although you can devorarte if you are not paying attention

Some would say that it has become more loose, more manageable for more people. It really can be, but the truth is that this Audi R8 2015 allows you to take more license in terms of a sporty driving. Still has its limit very high, but once you get to it, it is very easy to control. Either through the steering wheel, or through the right foot, the handling at the limit is superb, something that the previous could not. Civilized yes, but that does not make it slow or sluggish.


The R8 still retains that character wild, according to its features and performance