Audi R8 Exclusive Edition, the headlights laser coming to the US

Audi announces that for the Salon Los Angeles 2016 (USA) will debut for the first time a production vehicle with laser lights in the country. The famous event in the world of the engine will serve as the pretext for the great public get to know the new Audi R8 V10 Plus Exclusive Edition which can only be manufactured 25 units for an initial price of 229.200 dollars not including tax.

For the first time, Audi brings the technology of laser light to a production vehicle within the united States. Of series, this Audi R8 Exclusive Edition mounts headlights LED of lights intermittent dynamics and a module laser light beam for on-road driving. Each optical front end is a showcase of technology of Audi where you have applied all the technology of lighting technology.

With this Audi R8 Exclusive Edition headlights laser coming to the US

This lighting system features four laser diodes of high density by faro. The light blue laser, a length, and wave 450 nanometers, is transformed to produce a white light very intense, bright and pure. These lights can only be activated when the vehicle is driven at 40 miles per hour (about 64 km/h) and the conditions allow, the laser light beam is joined to the LED lighting to greatly improve visibility during the night.

in Addition to its light technology, this special edition is characterized by an endowment of extensive series for the catalog of Audi Exclusive. For example, the tone outside will be the attractive Quantum Gray in combination with elements in glossy black, carbon fiber and the strips of contrast in the hue Solar Orange, between the outside equipment are included 20-inch wheels in design of 10-spoke gloss-tone anthracite to hide in its interior the powerful brake carbocerámicos.

Four laser diodes for the headlight help to generate a bright light, and pure

The interior is not left behind in terms of exclusivity thanks to the leather upholstery black in combination with the aforementioned orange hue Solar Orange both throughout the cabin, as in the sport seats Recaro and steering wheel. As well as a set of mats as next to the upholstery of the roof and other areas in alcantara. As you can see doesn’t lack detail either.

The mechanics of the Audi R8 V10 Plus includes the powerful block 5.2-liter TFSI of ten cylinders in V that develops 610 HP of power in combination with the traction integral Quattro and the sports transmission S-Tronic. The coupe from the four rings accelerates with this mechanic from 0 to 100 km/h in only 3.2 seconds.