Audi R8, in hand video of XCAR: “what’s the last sporting atmospheric?”

The new Audi R8 already has gone through the meek XCAR and of course, as there could be no other way have left us with the video of the rigor of the new generation of the sport of Ingolstadt. A V10 atmospheric to your back, the good usual production…

“is The last ‘guardian’ of the supercars atmospheric?” ask from XCAR. Hopefully not from then, but all we see as unstoppable, the striking advance of the mechanical overfed.

Brief reminder: what offers us the Audi R8?

The Audi R8 plus comes standard with brakes carbocerámicos.

this video XCAR has employed Audi R8 Plus, the latest version prestacional. Just like the “normal” account with the already known V10 of 5.2 litres, developing a power of 610 horses, with a transmission S tronic.

The Audi R8 has a starting price of 191.800 € to the version 540 horses and 214.800 € to the alternative 610 horses.

Now yes, time of give the play.

Video of an Audi R8 plus XCAR: