AUDI R8 LMX: the images of our roadtrip to Lisbon that will not teach you #GarajeDiariomotor

Surely you remember our trip to the loins of Audi R8 LMX to Portugal. Some months ago we placed a course with one of the releases more special than the previous generation Audi R8 to Lisbon to prepare a report which you could have read under the title of “Audi R8 LMX:¡Roadtrip to Lisbon!”. Now we wanted to recover a few snapshots to recreate ourselves in the memories of that trip and show you more of what you see and read.

A brief review: what we offered in the Audi R8 LMX?

there are Only 99 units of this Audi R8 LMX, a special edition that could reach up to 250,000 euros

570 horses. The Audi R8 LMX boasts a higher power, a tune really well resolved. Brakes carbocerámicos, a spectacular picture enhanced at the flick of a spoiler, canards, that blue tone specific… yes, your inside to clear the passage of time, the years that already accumulated this generation, but go swan song did Audi with this special edition.

ahead 2000 miles in little more than a day. Ahead the streets of Lisbon and its trams, the beaches of Cascais, secondary roads surrounded by trees at the foot of the Atlantic, hours and hours of photo session… a great experience.

of course we must not forget that another of its peculiarities: this Audi R8 LMX is next to BMW i8, the charge entering the optical laser on the market.

Backstage. These photos then don’t teach…

Diet of gas station. Fast food for a fast car. 2000 km trip in a little over a day forces you sometimes to eat on the run and not as well as you would like.

Surprisingly the Audi R8 LMX was able to cast us consumption below 10 l/100 km So yes, the cost of gasoline was not exactly small…

The path becomes much more enjoyable when the soundtrack gets a V10 and by the rearview mirror to see that huge spoiler fixed.

Although, of course, what kind of a roadtrip this would be without music?

Pack up all the photographic material in the R8 is quite a challenge.

we Arrived to Lisbon. A quick stop, stretch the legs to the doors of the Monastery of the Jerónimos monastery of Belém, and we continue in direction to Cascais.

A shelf of exception. A quick stop, a EVO purchased at a gas station lusitana…


… and its beaches. Your costa. A wonder.

Forced stop in Praia do Guincho.

After a few photos on the beach the way improvised leads up to a circuit, Estoril. Unfortunately we have not come here to roll and our attempt to make a photo session there is a failure.

Back to Lisbon. Begins to fall the night and we want to portray to the R8 in its streets.

What a wonderful sunset…

One of the anecdotes most amazing of the trip. It is 3 in the morning and while we prepare the next photo with the Monastery of Jerónimos in the background appears a police patrol in a beat-up Mitsubishi. We told them that we are doing there and invite us to go up to the Tower of Belém, following them as they carry the rotary positions.

Afternoon. It has made us too late once more and the night photos have left us without accommodation at full dawn. We return to the Praia do Guincho maldormir the few remaining hours until dawn. Waking up with these views…

the end Is near. One more photo with the bridge of the 25th of April…

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