Audi R8 Spyder V10, the bug is descapota

If just a few days ago our photographers spy hunted without camo in Andalusia, today, the Salon New York hosts the official presentation of the variant convertible the supercar from Ingolstadt; this is the Audi R8 Spyder V10.

In fact, in the same yellow color with the one that we sighted in our country, perhaps on the way to the ferry or to make the photo shoot for the press release that adorns this article, the convertible German appears to complete the range supersport to the R8.

changes in this variant are minimum and are given only at the top, from the waist, where it disappears completely, the fall of the roof from the windshield and slightly changes its lagging behind which houses the third brake light in the curved rear or lid engine with the triple air intake, that lifts up to store the soft top behind the seats.


hoods of canvas, the protagonist

The main difference in which is based this R8 with respect to the current is its soft-top canvas, which in this generation has a weight of just 44 Kg, that can be activated by a system of electro that takes only 20 seconds to cover/discover the roof at a speed of up to 55 Km/h.

in Addition, they claim from the manufacturer of German who have worked to reduce the noise, aerodynamic, rolling, and the flow back of air with respect to the previous generation of the cabrio.

of course, the weight of the assembly in vacuum is slightly increased up to the 1.612 Kg; only 17 Kg more due to the use of components of consutrucción light as aluminum and polymer reinforced with carbon fiber, but with a torsional rigidity 50% higher in your rack that weighs just 208 Kg of the total vehicle.

The potential V10, also descapotado

Its mechanics do not receive changes with respect to the current version, under the hood on the rear axle is the impressive propellant V10 5.2-liter with 540 HP of power and 540 Nm of torque capable of accelerating the Spyder from 0 to 100 Km/h in just 3,6 seconds and reach a maximum on the speedometer of 318 Km/h; is nothing short.


in Addition, as discussed by the germans, decreases slightly its consumption until the 11,7 l/100 Km in the combined cycle, thanks to the automatic disconnection of cylinders (cylinder on demand) system or the motion by inertia of the gearbox S Tronic; this system decouples the engine from the transmission from 55 Km/h when you raise your foot from the accelerator to roll out of inertia.

This beginning of summer will start the presales and reservations of the model that will be launched to the dealers of Audi, according to their calendar, to the end of this summer 2016.