Audi registers in Europe the denomination RS Q8, how will we get to see it?

Audi RS Q8 - recreación

Recreation that we anticipate the aspect that would have the hypothetical Audi RS Q8.

The next month of September, during the Frankfurt motor show 2017, will be the great start of long’s new Audi Q8. The brand with the four rings will present to the public its new SUV. The ultimate in luxury, comfort, technology, and innovation in the family Q of Audi. However, and while we wait for the new Q8 do act of presence, as there are circulating reports about the different variants and versions that will be available in your range.

we Recently published some interesting spy photos of the Audi Q8 e-tron, the future hybrid variant plug-in of the new SUV from Audi. But, beyond the different mechanical options for which we may choose when setting up this model, the fact that you can get to see a variant RS is back in the news. The reason? It has been registered the trade name Audi RS Q8 in Europe.

Although this does not mean that the Audi RS Q8 is going to be a reality, to know that the German mark reserves the possibility of doing so in the future, it is something to keep in mind. Usually the car manufacturers to register names by the simple fact of having them reserved for if in the future to launch a vehicle that fits in with a given trade name.

however, in this case we find a different situation. Audi follows a specific pattern for naming their RS models. And that is why you want to avoid problems and disputes by registering the name with which he would be baptized the Audi Q8 more sporty and extreme. The registration has been made in the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union and is already being examined to determine if the application meets all the requirements. Something we can take for granted.

Currently, the SUV more big and exclusive that can be found in the range of Audi, the Q7, yes it has a version of the sporty character. The Audi SQ7 is the most extreme and prestacional by which we can choose. It is for this reason that, as a minimum, a server would leave the door open a S version of Q8. In any case, you will have to wait a while to know what it materializes this motion made by the firm of Ingolstadt.

we must Also remember the plans of the company for its family of RS models. During the next few months we will learn of new members until the completion of the offensive of eight pitches. What will be one of them, the Audi RS Q8? For the moment there is no information that make us think that this project has been discarded.