Audi RS3 MR Racing, a striking dress and a heart of 454 HP

Audi RS3 MR RacingThe trainer has unveiled his new work. This is the Audi RS3 MR Racing, a preparation that makes the Audi RS3 pass the 450 horse power. In addition, the compact sports car of the German house receives modifications in its aesthetic that make it more eye-catching. Vinyls, paint, rims,… MR Racing has not left anything to chance in this RS3. And is that with the lines of Martini and a combination of colors chosen with taste, any body is well filled.

Yes, it is true, we are not faced with the Audi RS3 modified more radically than we have ever seen, but if we find one of the preparations more interesting. Taking as basis the body of the RS3, which series comes well-dressed, have been combined with mastery the red, white and blue. In this way we see the mirrors in that color, the rims and parts of the front bumper. The band Martini runs through the body longitudinally, being able to see it also in the profile of the car.

Audi RS3 MR RacingAudi RS3 mounts of series the well-known five-cylinder engine and 2.5-liter that is able to deliver 367 horsepower and 465 Nm of torque. After passing through the hands of MR Racing, who have changed the ecu, have mounted an escape with vávlula control and have touched the air filter, the compact of the house of hoops has 454 horse power. In addition, for the dynamic capabilities of the model will improve still more, have been concerned about installing an adjustable suspension KW Clubsport.

we do Not have available all the data, so we can’t tell you that there are of the price or of the capabilities of this preparation. Although the Audi RS3 breaks the clock in the test of 0-100 km/h in 4.3 seconds, we assume that this RS3 MR Racing better this time. The trainer already discovered similar preparation with several phases, the first of 448 HP that have now evolved.

Source . MR Racing

Audi RS3 MR Racing
Audi RS3 MR Racing
Audi RS3 MR Racing
Audi RS3 MR Racing

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