Audi RS3 Sedan 2017, the first-fruits for the coming year

Update a success as the Audi A3 is always tricky. Developments should be attractive and enough to keep you modernized in relation to the competition. We recently saw how Audi will introduce a renewal of their compact, a renewal that will come to all of the members of the family as the Audi RS3 Sedan 2017.


For the first time, the A3 Sedan may be associated with the initials RS

Will be the first time that the sedan include the initials RS in the model, until now, the maximum performance was represented by the Audi S3 Sedan. The unit tests has left to see quite devoid of vinyl camouflage. Those who had left to guess where they’re going to focus in the aesthetic changes of the variant more sporty of A3.

As we can see will be the bumper and the sideskirts where to focus all efforts of renewal. Both will look more aggressive than the conventional air intake flanged. In the rear you can guess a diffuser more marked, with two exhaust outlets located at the ends of the bumper.

Obviously on the inside it will show the same design concept that the new family of Audi A3. This implies a minimalist environment where the lack of buttons is eye-catching. will Also be integrated of the same systems and technologies, although in general it will provide the cabin a more sporty character.

And it is that that character will focus, primarily, on an increase of performance. The motor will be the bulk of the amendments. The current strength of a RS3 is of 367 horses. This data will increase probably up to a figure close to 380 horses in order to follow the path of their rivals such as the Mercedes A 45 AMG with 381.


The double exhaust exit is typical of units RS Audi

In terms of the rest of the modifications will focus on making the power more manageable and secure. This will involve a change of suspensions, brakes and steering. we will soon see, to him and to the RS3 Compact, for until the coming year it is not expected that Audi launches the new most radical versions of the Audi A3.