Audi RS3 Sedan, as close as ever

Audi S3 2016we Already knew that the mark of the hoops planned to release a Audi RS3 Sedan, although we saw far more of what really seems to be. Although, this upcoming model has been caught testing for the Nürburgring, and judging by what he has been able to see the model would be in the final stages of its development. It is not yet confirmed if they will finally arrive to Europe or if, on the contrary, will only be available in the united States. But what is certain is that the Audi RS3 will have a brother with sedan body very soon.

The current range of A3 has the sport versions S3 and RS3. In the first case, we have a S3, S3 Sportback, S3 Sedan and S3 Cabrio. No less than four versions of this alternative sport with the 2.0-liter TFSI 310 horsepower in its latest update. On the contrary, in the second case, we have only one option, the RS3 Sportback. A single body that does not seem to satisfy all.

Audi S3 2016This reason has led the company to work with another alternative, the Audi RS3 Sedan, which will follow the same pattern that your little brother the S3 Sedan but with what it means to carry the initials RS stamped on the front. You will have a more powerful engine, the five-cylinder 2.5-liter turbo, and more power, at least 367 horses. Although with the recent arrival of the Audi TT RS, 400 horse power, we would expect a RS3 Sedan with more of that round figure.

Audi RS3 Sedan would be testing in Nürburgring in these moments. development phase would be very advanced, so that we could see full-fledged very soon. Maybe in the next Paris Salon, the company we unveil some of its new RS, although it still is information that we cannot confirm.

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