Audi RS5 2017: preview of your final design through these recreations


With the arrival of the new Audi A5 this coupe mid-size unveils its second-generation with renewed energy. Beyond a design slightly updated following the path marked by the Audi A4, the innovations are many and important, since its technology and equipment to a range of engines more efficient.

The Audi S5 will be, by far, the most sporty and powerful model in its launch, thanks to its V6 engine TFSI of 3.0 litres and 354 HP. However, the manufacturer from Ingolstadt will not stop here, and in the next few months we will know a Audi RS5 2017 that will raise the bar for rival models like the BMW M4 Coupe or the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe.

In these digital re-creations that we have prepared you ahead of how will be the final design of the upcoming Audi RS5 2017, based on what we already know through the spy photos of the model. Will incorporate an aerodynamic much more aggressive, moving away from the own S5: highlight your rear diffuser, very prominent, with a double outlet exhaust oval on both sides.


Their side skirts or the wheels alloy specific will be other notes, especially sports in the new RS5, along with a front bumper with entries for refrigeration of a larger size and grille ‘honeycomb’ in your grill Singleframe. But beyond its appearance, there will be significant changes in its mechanical.

In the Audi RS5 2017 sustiuirá the previous block atmospheric V8 of 4.2 liters and 450 HP for a new V6 engine of 3.0 liters with lower consumption and a faster response to the throttle: does not rule out the presence of a turbo electric that would guarantee a high dose of torque even at very low regimes, and their power will be approximately 475 CV.

In this way, the new engine of the RS5 2017 inaugurate the turbocharging electric in the production of Audi. Combined with the traction quattro and an improved automatic change – S tronic dual-clutch. Will also be present instrumentation digital Audi virtual cockpit: the official presentation of the new Audi RS5 will take place in the coming months, with a marketing since it entered in the 2017.