Audi RS6 and RS7 Performance, how much do they cost? If you want a car of more than 600 horses that you are interested in

To the end of 2015, Audi decided to take a step beyond the already performance Audi RS6 and Audi RS7 to propose a few versions “Performance” responsible for overcoming the barrier of 600 horses, leaving us with a saloon car of a certain air coupe and a family of 605 horses, ready to stand up to the next Mercedes-AMG E 63, BMW M5, but how much is this version?Is it worth the additional cost?

If you want to overcome the 300 km/h you will have to shell out close to 15,000 euros in an additional package:

The Audi RS6 Performance has a starting price of 143.600 € , while the Audi RS7 does the own from 151.025 euros, bearing in mind that the versions “normal” both depart from 131.820 euros and 141.545 euros respectively.

But, what provides us with these versions Performance?Just more power?

in Addition to raising the V8 TFSI 4-liter up to the 605 horses, since the 560 horses original, we find new details as accents in tone titanium exterior (grill, mirrors…), sport seats RS with the possibility of having recourse to an upholstery with stitching in blue, inserts in carbon, air suspension series, a shade of blue paint specific available as an option…

To higher you can equip the packages dynamic and dynamic plus to add, in the first case a suspension more sporty, the lights, Audi Matrix LED, a new tare for the address and the deslimitación to 280 km/h and in the second case as the above, he is joined by a few brakes carbocerámicos and a new limit of speed: 305 km/h. price is 4.375 euros in the first case and 14.880 € in the second.