Audi S5 2016, the latest version sports now with a more fresh and dynamic

Audi S5 2016

Greets to the most sporting of the new generation of the Audi A5.

And, finally, here we have it, the new generation of the Audi A5 is also premiering its relevant version of sporting character under the label S. here is the new Audi S5 2016. The third-generation of the A5 comes loaded with a multitude of innovations in all areas. From a totally renewed until a (technology of last generation and a range of engines renewed. In addition, to this we must add a strict diet with that, the engineers Audi, have managed to reducing your weight 60 kg.

Evidently, all these developments are extrapolated to the new Audi S5, a model that, again, will come to stand as the most sporty and dynamic that you will find in the range of the A5 Coupe. But, what is the difference between the new S5 base model of the range? In the first place, you will find certain details differentiating on the outside by way of a body kit.

A front grille with the name S5, chrome details or a exhaust system with four outputs integrated seamlessly in the new diffuser put a note of distinction. While the subtle spoiler rear flows perfectly with the rest of the car line. Another detail to take into account the outside are the alloy wheels of an exclusive design that leave the view of the calipers painted red. A detail does little more than accentuate the sporty character of this variant.

Audi S5 2016 - interior

In the interior of the Audi S5 we find details that refer all the time to her more sporty.

The S means “Sport”, and that is what you are looking for with the
new Audi S5

Leaving to one side the outside and focusing on the passenger compartment of the new Audi S5 2016, like other versions S that are in the range from Audi, combines some of the finishes and details manicured to detail with which to convey a environment elegant, warm and exclusive, while this we must add certain specific items of sportier. With this, it manages to create a more dynamic environment with which to satisfy a sport those drivers who want a more radical but without renouncing to all the comfort and elegance that assumes the A5.

despite being a model body coupe and with sporting spirit, the new Audi Q5 is more spacious than its predecessor, especially in the squares later. To do this, has contributed to the new platform used by Audi ultimately translates into a more spacious and with a trunk that offers more cargo capacity. In particular, cubic 465 liters.

on the other hand and in regard to the remarkable differences that we will find in the interior of the new S5 with respect to the own A5, it jumps to the view you will have plates specific on the thresholds of the doors, a steering wheel and knob of a specific change as well as a series of small details that remind us at all times that we are faced with the more extreme version of the range.

Audi S5 2016 - posterior

the rear of The Audi S5 2016, to detail.

¿And what is new technology? this Is the Audi S5 with more advanced technology ever created for the brand of the four rings. In the first place, it should be noted that is put at the head of the range Audi in systems of active and passive safety are concerned. To this we must add new systems for driver assistance already seen in other recent releases of Audi. For example, you have the adaptive cruise control with braking function or automatic Park Assist.

of course, we cannot leave to one side the Audi Virtual Cockpit, which replaces the box of digital instrumentation to give way to an enormous screen of over 12 inches that we can configure to our liking and that we will be able to see different data and information important to the driving. And along with it, the new screen of the dashboard with which to make use of the system of information and entertainment of the brand. In short, an environment in which we feel more connected and informed.

Going to the (mechanical, the range of engines of the new Audi S5 2016 will be composed by an important innovation. The new S5 premieres TFSI engine of 3.0 liters with which, according to Audi, the S5 “will play in another league”. Thanks to its six cylinders, the block casts a power of 354 CV, which translates into an increase of more than 10 horsepower with respect to the previous block. Thanks to this block, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4,7 seconds while it only gives an average consumption of 7.3 liters per 100 kilometers.

An engine that, obviously, is associated to the system all-wheel drive Quattro as well as a gearbox Tiptronic automatic eight-speed