Audi S6 Avant: what it is and how much it costs the opponent more direct from Mercedes-AMG AND 43 Estate?

The new Mercedes E-Class has brought with it, as is logical, to a new generation of the Mercedes E-Class Estate, and to turn it and of the hand of AMG to a first sports version, the Mercedes-AMG AND 43 Estate that arrives willing to see their faces in the streets (and the odd trackday) with the Audi S6 Avant.

The Audi A6 (and therefore the S6) was renovated in 2015:

For now we do not know the price of Mercedes-AMG AND 43 Estate and we don’t have the reference price of the sedan, but if we can go setting in the target of this German to another fellow who knows quite a bit from that of family sports.

The Audi S6 Avant, the little brother of the almighty Audi RS6, with a V8 of 4 liters that develops a power of 450 horses, power, how could it be otherwise, it is delivered to all 4 wheels thanks to all-wheel drive quattro, counting for transmission with an automatic gearbox S tronic dual-clutch.

This model therefore has 49 horsepower more than the Mercedes-AMG AND 43 Estate, which is also all-wheel drive and has automatic switching, but how much does it cost?

mercedes_amg_e_43_Estate_2017_DM_1The family sports Audi has a starting price of 96.840 euros, price that we can go giving a good idea of the amount that will be close to the Mercedes.