Audi S8 Plus: the beast. A luxury sedan with 605 hp and 305 km / h top


The Audi A8 achieves a new level taking a step further, Audi S8 to give a Audi S8 Plus rising up considerable 605 horses . Ready to compete, to win as an alternative to Mercedes S 65 AMG we came across a large saloon high-flying, very high-flying, capable of reaching 305 km / h .

This S8 Plus Audi an Audi RS8 “the thorn is removed.” It has the same engine as the S8 “normal” but now has 85 hp more.

Developed around the aluminum structure dubbed the “Audi Space Frame” we ran into a 4-liter V8 biturbo of displacement that besides developing the above 605 horses delivers torque of 700 Nm, 750 Nm in “overboost” mode.

The 605 horses are delivered to the road through, how could it be otherwise, one quattro which is also accompanied by a automatic 8-speed tiptronic transmission .

Prestacionalmente 85 “normal” extra horses of this Audi S8 Plus versus S8 leave us with 0 to 100 km / h which is settled in 3.8 seconds and with a maximum speed of 250 km / h which optionally can lift up the 305 km / h .

tells us that his Audi quattro GmbH has specially tuned the chassis of this new S8 Plus, as its address. In addition, the chassis is embellished by a pneumatic suspension sportier calling, 21-inch wheels with 275/35 tires in action and a new differential.

Audi_S8_plus_2015_DM_1 How to distinguish this Audi S8 plus against a S8 “normal”?

The changes are subtle. We stumbled upon a new carbon fiber applique on the front bumper while the rear sports a black finish diffuser look in black as its 4 tailpipes. The hood also sports a new spoiler lip type and the “crimping” linking the subsequent optical finish is also a new dark tone in perfect harmony with the wing, with the new diffuser or leaks.

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